The All-Star Patients Program at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

The All-Star Patients Program at Oly Ortho highlights our patients after successful diagnosis and treatments of their injuries.

We know that our patients have accomplished incredible things after being treated at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates – whether it be getting back to sports, biking, hiking, the gym or getting back to family activities. We want to share your success stories as part of our Oly Ortho All-Stars Patients Program!

For years, patients throughout the area have trusted Oly Ortho with their orthopaedic and spine care – Let’s highlight Your Life In Motion!

We look forward to sharing the successes of our incredible patients on the Oly Ortho Facebook and Instagram pages to help inspire others in the community. If you want to be featured as an Oly Ortho All-Star, simply tell us your story in 200 words (or less) and send us a photo of you participating in your hobby or sport to go along with it. Then, we can share your inspiring story with other people who may be struggling with pain or injuries.

If you would like to submit your Oly Ortho patient experience in 200+ words and 1-2 photos, please email our Marketing Team at [email protected] and we will work with you on your featured All-Star story.

Kelsey B.

In March of 2014 while driving home from an evening of swing dancing, I was in a car accident that damaged the cartilage in my

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 Jim P.

Despite all my injuries the last several years; knee surgeries from Dr. Dennis Smith, complete triceps reattachment by Dr. Zechmann – now a biceps tear, Dr. Femiano

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Tammy W.

For 10 years, I dealt with progressively debilitating issues due to a neck injury incurred in the Army. Steve Robbins at Olympia Physical Therapy recommended Dr.

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Rosemary Walsh Dr. Zechmann Double Knee Replacement “You should have seen their faces, it’s like this moment was built for TV but it was real

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I have been a patient of Dr. Jerome Zechmann for a number of years and with Dr. William Peterson since September 2018.  In October of 2017, I had the

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Mark Helpenstell

Mark Helpenstell lives a very active life managing a farm, hiking, running, training dogs, and managing, organizing, and playing on a couple of different soccer

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Steve B

In the summer of 2018, I ruptured a disc in my back. I was in extreme pain that continued for about three months while I

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John Bourdon

2017 presented a slight hurdle for John Bourdon at Sandstone Distillery. A shoulder injury was holding him back from doing even the most simplest movements

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Fred M.

First of all thank you for dramatically changing my life with the Super Path Total Hip Replacement. I have tried many options prior, hoping to avoid

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Rich M.

I was told in my 40’s I would need bilateral hip replacement surgery, I had worn out my hips with a life of sports including basketball

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