Kelsey B.

In March of 2014 while driving home from an evening of swing dancing, I was in a car accident that damaged the cartilage in my talus. Over time, the bone underneath lost its blood supply and a piece of it died and broke loose. Every step was agony, and I stopped doing everything that I had loved to do, particularly theatre and dance. But Oly Ortho did not give up on me, even when I had nearly given up on myself. It took three ankle surgeries over a four year period along with countless appointments, tears, and physical therapy sessions. But now it has been two years since my last surgery, and I have more good days than bad days! I performed in two shows in 2018, and am even able to dance. This picture shows me dancing on stage with my husband in the 2018 Puget Sound Christmas Revels! I’m thankful to Dr. Helpenstell and Dr. DuMontier and all the staff at Oly Ortho for working to help me return to my life in motion!