Fred M.

First of all thank you for dramatically changing my life with the Super Path Total Hip Replacement. I have tried many options prior, hoping to avoid an operation and in the end the operation itself was less disruptive than the earlier options. My experience at the Olympia Clinic was very organized and the amenities were first class.

Following best describes the journey with my hip issue:

During the winter of 2016-17 I basically reached a level of pain in my left leg and hip/back area where life was a daily struggle. I didn’t realize how this could be so disruptive to the extent that it even negatively affected my relationship with family and friends. I was basically forced to act which translated to research into hip surgery. Luckily I came across your resume and the Olympia Orthopedic associates. The Super Path surgery approach appeared very interesting and that is where my story of recovery began.

The operation was done in April 2017 by Dr. Jerome Zechmann and immediately following that I had about one month of physiotherapy at the Olympia Clinic. The physiotherapy, in my opinion, was a tremendous support to the operation and probably helped reduce the recovery time even further by retraining some of my leg muscles bad habits developed prior to the operation.

The recovery started with eliminating the cane in about one week and walking about two miles on a paved surface in about one week following. Following, in July 2017 my wife and I went for about a four-mile hike in the Invermere BC area. In all, I felt so well that we decided to move from our condo in Invermere to an acreage in Creston, BC. Creston not only requires yard and garden work but also because of its location on the Kootenay Lake gave me the opportunity to go fishing (requires hiking in ) and to do some more serious hiking with close to one thousand foot elevation gain. It also gave me the opportunity to return to cross country skiing which I very much enjoy and missed out on for about 3 years prior to the operation. I went on the first serious hike in Creston on the Lady Slipper Trail and the second one to Balancing Rock on the west side of Creston in the July-August time frame of 2018. The fishing expeditions were in late 2018. Prior to this, in January 2018 I went cross country skiing in the Kootenay pass area west of Creston. During the winter of 2019, I regularly cross country skied, worked in the yard, hiked and traveled. I have never felt so well as during and following these excursions. The attached pictures confirm the comments above.

I continue to feel very well and I hope it lasts. Maybe it is time to just have a maintenance checkup by yourself?

I would strongly recommend the operation (I am 80 and look forward to more pain-free years)–don’t delay, however, following the operation be very diligent and honest with the physiotherapy following.