Tammy W.

For 10 years, I dealt with progressively debilitating issues due to a neck injury incurred in the Army. Steve Robbins at Olympia Physical Therapy recommended Dr. Manista, saying he is incredibly skilled and also very personable and understanding. After much persuasion, I was able to get referred to Dr. Manista in 2015. The care and surgery by Dr. Manista as well as the care provided by Dr. Taylor has allowed me to be able to get back to working with horses…something I wasn’t sure would ever happen. I grew up riding and eventing horses and these magnificent beings are able to give me more peace than anything else in the world. In addition to my family and their support, caring for my horses even when I’m severely limited gives me motivation to keep going. Right now, I’m limited to arena work and trail riding due to still being early in my recovery as well as recent setbacks, but my goal is to continue refreshing my skills and eventually doing  endurance and competitive trail riding. None of this would have been possible without these two physicians and their teams and I’m so appreciative of them all!