Rich M.

I was told in my 40’s I would need bilateral hip replacement surgery, I had worn out my hips with a life of sports including basketball and tennis. The surgeon said I was too young, to stop running and active sports, to wait as long as possible before surgery. I waited a little too long, approximately 17 years until I was unable to walk without extreme pain before seeing Dr. Zechmann. My primary physician was so alarmed after he saw the x-rays he called me at home to give me the news that my left hip was bone on bone and I needed a total hip replacement ASAP. 

The surgery went well and I made daily progress toward walking normally again. The biggest problem was the atrophy of my muscles due to limping along all those years prior to surgery. It complicated and delayed my recovery. I will not hesitate to have the right hip replaced as soon as it starts to slow me down. 

I am fully back to an active life including racing small and large outrigger canoes and hiking with my wife. I would recommend Superpath and Dr. Zechman to my family and friends without reservation.