3 Signs It May Be Time For Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is one of the most common and most effective orthopaedic procedures with over 300,000 performed each year.  At Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, our advanced surgical techniques and equipment make the procedure more effective than ever and the recovery much quicker.  In fact, we are the only orthopaedic group in the area offering Outpatient Joint Replacements as part of our Restore program.

Deciding when it is time for a joint replacement can sometimes be difficult.  Below are three common signs that it may be time to consider a joint replacement procedure with one of our Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Joint Replacement Specialists.

Indication #1: Progressive Arthritis

Arthritis is the deterioration of joint cartilage and soft tissue with joint pain and stiffness being two of the main symptoms. The three most common types of arthritis are:

  1. Osteoarthritis. Age-related arthritis.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune disease arthritis.
  3. Post-traumatic arthritis. Injury-related arthritis.

A medical history review (arthritis symptoms and risk factors), physical examination, and x-rays can diagnose arthritis and determine if surgery is indicated, based on the progression of arthritis.  If arthritis has progressed to bone on bone contact and causing continuous damage to the joint, a joint replacement is an option.

Indication #2: Restricted Daily Living Activities

Daily living such as sitting down, walking, bending over, driving, being active and working may become more difficult as arthritis progresses. Patients who have arthritis that makes these activities difficult, or even impossible, may benefit from joint replacement surgery.

Indication #3: Failed Conservative Treatments

In most cases, a joint replacement is not the first line of treatment, but rather the last.  In the beginning stages of arthritis, our Orthopaedic Specialists recommend conservative treatments such as:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Bracing
  • Medications
  • Joint Injections

For many patients, these treatments result in significant relief from pain and symptoms and a joint replacement is never needed.  For others, these treatments only provide temporary relief. It is only when these treatments fail to provide pain relief and return to daily activities that joint replacement is discussed.

Make an Appointment with the Joint Replacement Experts at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

If you experience joint pain and/or stiffness, please do not delay a diagnosis. When you make an appointment with one of our Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Joint Replacement Specialists, you will receive a customized treatment based on your lifestyle and goals.  We have locations throughout Olympia for your convenience.

If surgery is indicated, you will be in the best hands possible with our Joint Replacement Specialists. Our goal is to relieve your pain and get you back to Your Life in Motion!

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