Homeless Backpacks and Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

Tabatha Newman: Bringing Community Involvement to Work Tabatha Newman, Management Analyst at Olympia Orthopedic Associates, has been with the company for 15+ years. In this interview, she talks about workplace culture, bringing the Homeless Backpacks initiative to work, and the amazing response it received from her colleagues and company. Tell us about your job at […]

Dr. Stephen Snow Retires From Olympia Orthopaedic Associates After Storied Career

READ FULL ARTICLE Over the last nearly 30 years, if you needed an orthopaedic surgeon, there is a good chance that you saw Dr. Stephen Snow. Aside from serving patients over several decades as a surgeon at Olympia Orthopaedics Associates (OOA) specializing in knee and hip replacements, Dr. Snow has taken emergency room call and supported the […]