Ankle Injuries: Posterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome

The tibia (shin bone) and talus (foot bone) form the ankle joint and cartilage covers the bones so the joint can move smoothly. Ligaments also connect the bones to provide mobility and stability. “Plantar flexion” is a movement the ankle makes to point the foot down when running, dancing or jumping. Forceful or repetitive plantar […]

4 Spinal Stenosis Treatment Options

Spinal stenosis is the term most often used to describe the narrowing of the spinal canal and is most often a part of the ageing process. As spinal stenosis progresses it can begin to compress the spinal nerve roots causing pain in the lower back as well as pain or numbness in the buttocks, hips […]

How is Facet Joint Arthritis Treated?

The facet joints are the joints at the back of the spine that help move the spine and allow the spine to safely bend and twist. The nerves that send signals to other parts of the body also exit through small holes in these joints. Healthy facet joints are lined with cartilage that allows the […]

What is a Shoulder Subluxation and How is it Treated?

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint. The humeral head (arm bone) is the ball and the scapula’s (shoulder blade) glenoid cavity is the socket. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, but it is also the most unstable. Because of this instability, a variety of injuries within the shoulder joint […]