3 Common Summer Injuries That Can Be Seen at Rapid Orthopaedic Care

If you sustain an injury this summer, Olympia Orthopaedic Associates will be here to help. Our Rapid Orthopaedic Care in Olympia and Lacey are staffed by Orthopedic specialists who treat bone, joint and muscle injuries – with no appointment needed. Your injury will be accurately diagnosed and effectively treated in sixty minutes or less.

Below are three of the most common summer injuries our specialists see:

#1: Knee Injuries

Outdoor sports and activities are popular in the summer. Walking, running, jumping and playing sports can sometimes lead to knee pain or an injury.

Our specialists see all types of knee injuries, including sprains and strains, tendonitis, ligament tears and fractures. Our specialists obtain a medical history and perform a physical examination to diagnose knee injuries. If X-rays are needed to assist with a diagnosis, we have onsite X-ray to make this process faster and more convenient.

#2: Back and Neck Injuries

More time outdoors calls for more use of the back and neck and overuse and lifting heavy objects are two main causes of back and neck injuries and pain.

Our specialists are able to diagnosis all acute and chronic back and neck injuries, including sprains and strains, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis. They prescribe treatment options that decrease pain and treat the condition that is causing it.

#3: Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries frequently happen in the summer as we spend more time walking to our favorite parks, beaches or restaurants.

The three most common injuries are strains, sprains, and fractures and our specialists are expert in diagnosing and treating these injuries.

A customized treatment plan is given to your during your visit and can include braces, walking boots and anti-inflammatory medications

Having Your Summer Injury Treated at Rapid Orthopaedic Care

At ROC, you do not need an appointment and can come straight to our clinic after you have been injured. At our locations in Olympia and Lacey, you will receive personal and professional care that cannot be found anywhere else. We also offer extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience and will have you in and out in under an hour!

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