HF10 Therapy

Learn How HF10 Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Pain.

What is HF10 Therapy?

HF10™ therapy is an innovative method for relieving long-term chronic back and leg pain using the latest technology. An advanced spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system, HF10™ therapy involves a trial period of electrode stimulation to nerves to relieve chronic pain. If the patient and doctor conclude that the stimulation therapy has been successful, a permanent device that can be controlled by the patient is implanted.

Unlike other SCS systems, HF10™ can stay on when you are driving or sleeping and does not have the common side effect of paresthesia, a persistent tingling, buzzing, and/or occasional shocking sensation. The implantation procedure for HF10™ does not require patients to be awake like traditional SCS procedures, and HF10™ is completely reversible and can be easily removed by your doctor.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates is dedicated to offering our patients effective and state-of-the-art treatments to get you back to your active lifestyle. As a part of that dedication, our board-certified and fellowship-trained interventional pain management specialist, Dr. Douglas Taylor, participates in continuing education opportunities for learning new techniques and has completed additional training in HF10™ therapy.