Orthopaedic Trauma

Our trauma doctors at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates are recognized leaders in assessing, diagnosing, and treating your orthopaedic trauma injuries.

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Orthopaedic trauma is a specialized field of orthopaedics concentrated on issues related to the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the entire body following a traumatic incident.

Due to the dynamic nature of orthopaedic trauma injuries, immediate evaluation and treatment is typically required. Traumatic injuries most often involve fractures and multiple injuries, such as those sustained in accidents, falls, or high-impact collisions, and require rapid medical attention due to the potential implications of such devastating injuries.

Because of their comprehensive training and years of experience, our orthopaedic trauma doctors are unparalleled experts in assessing and treating complex trauma injuries, such as non-healing fractures, malaligned fractures, and pelvic fractures as well as providing other relevant care to trauma victims.

When it comes to orthopaedic trauma care, our doctors are focused on providing the quickest, safest way to treat your injury while reducing the potential for long-term disabilities.

Why choose Olympia Orthopaedic Associates?

At Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, our orthopaedic trauma doctors, Dr. L. Anthony Agtarap, Dr. Gregory D. Byrd, Dr. Bradley C. Christ, Dr. Timothy A. DuMontier, Dr. Thomas Helpenstell, Dr. Andrew Manista, Dr. R. Trent McKay, Dr. William Peterson, Dr. Ryan E. Will, Dr. P. Brodie Wood, and Dr. Jerome Zechmann, have completed training specifically in trauma and have dedicated their practices to this specialized field.

Our orthopaedic trauma specialists have the knowledge, proficiency, and skill to effectively treat your injuries so you can get back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

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Our orthopaedic experts provide, comprehensive, compassionate, and specialized treatment options for orthopaedic trauma injuries.

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Dr. L. Anthony Agtarap

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Dr. Gregory Byrd

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Dr. Bradley C. Christ

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Dr. Timothy A. DuMontier

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Dr. William Peterson

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Dr. Thomas Helpenstell

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Dr. Ryan E. Will

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Dr. Andrew Manista

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Dr. P. Brodie Wood

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Dr. Jerome Zechmann

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Our Patient’s Success Stories

“Dr. Will has been an incredible doctor. I love his unhurried style and his willingness to answer all my questions and in detail. He did my surgery and my follow up appointments and I will certainly refer him if any of my friends is unfortunate to break any bones and need his help.”

Andrea C.

Treated by: Ryan Will, MD

“Dr. Agtarap and Michelle are always cheerful and friendly. I appreciate the amount of education provided about the situation with my knee and health. Options are always given when something needs to happen. This has been by far the most positive healthcare experience I have had in a long time. I would recommend them without reservation.”

Paricia Y.

Treated by: L. Anthony Agtarap, M.D.

“Wonderful doctor and a better man. I loved the care he showed to both me and my wife. If I ever had to go through anything like this again….he would be the doctor I would ask for.”

Howard E.

Treated by: Andrew Manista, MD


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