Primary Care Sports Medicine

Whether an acute, chronic, or overuse injury; our primary care sports medicine doctors specialize in all aspects of medicine as it relates to the athlete and sports participation. 

Active individuals and athletes of all levels, at all ages, rely on healthy bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments to stay active. Primary care sports medicine is a specialty field where doctors not only have a keen understanding of musculoskeletal injuries but also the expertise of how athletics can affect any aspect of the human body.

At OlyOrtho, our primary care specialists are leaders in the field of sports medicine; they are involved in education, research, and hands-on field experience. Through advanced fellowship training in sports medicine and a gained clinical skill set, our primary care sports medicine doctors provide the highest level of care to active individuals of all ages to improve quality of life and help them return to their favorite activities.

Our primary care sports medicine doctors specialize in all aspects of medicine as it relates to the athlete and sports participation. Whether an acute, chronic, or overuse injury, our specialized team has the knowledge to evaluate, diagnose, and develop a strategic, individualized plan focusing on the use of nonsurgical, conservative treatment methods. Our specialists’ goal is to maximize performance and treatment outcomes using advanced treatment options and services, including:

  • Casting, bracing, and durable medical equipment
  • Concussion management
  • Cortisone injections under ultrasound guidance and fluoroscopy
  • Diagnostic imaging, i.e., X-ray, CT, and MRI
  • Hyaluronic injections
  • Limited ultrasound diagnostics
  • Manual therapy
  • Sports Physicals
  • Procedures for tendon damage

Why choose Olympia Orthopaedic Associates?

Our fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine doctors at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates have completed additional training specifically in sports medicine. With this advanced training, Dr. Tracy Hamblin and Dr. Dominic Femiano have the experience and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your sports medicine injury individually to your needs.

Our fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeons, Dr. Bradley Christ, and Dr. R. Trent McKay offer expert surgical treatment for sports-related injuries and conditions. Visit The Sports Medicine Center for more information. 

Our Sports Medicine Primary Care Specialists

Rebecca McClinton

Rebecca McClinon


Should I Schedule An Appointment?

If you sustain a sports-related injury or are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we encouraged you to make an appointment with one of our Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialists as soon as possible:

  • Difficulty moving any of the joints without significant pain
  • Pain that is so severe that it prohibits sleep
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Dull or aching pain in the joints
  • Decreased athletic performance
  • Pain that is worse after activity
  • Swelling or bruising around a joint

When you choose to be treated by one of these specialists can look forward to symptom elimination and a quick return to competition and activities. You can request an appointment online or call our office.

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Recent Patient Testimonials

“My overall experience at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates was excellent. Everyone who works there was kind, caring, concerned and helpful. I’ve told several of my friends of my experience and recommended that if they, a family member or friend needs care or treatment that Olympia Orthopaedic Associates can provide, that’s where they should get it.

Lori W.

Treated by: R. Trent McKay, M.D.

“Dr. Christ is a very caring and personable doctor. He listens and explains what steps to take next in my care.”

Julie B.

Treated by: Bradley Christ, MD

“Very friendly. He listened to me as I explained my symptoms. He was able to diagnose my condition and prescribe treatment, which provided relief.”

Suzanne R.

Treated by: Dominick Femiano, MD


Are You Ready To Take The Next Steps?

We encourage you to contact our care coordinators or make an appointment with one of our Board-Certified & Fellowship-Trained Orthopaedic Specialists at Olympia Orthopaedics.

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