Remembering to Warm Up & Cool Down Can Keep You From Needing R.I.C.E or ROC


Whether  you are a student athlete, weekend warrior, or just trying some new seasonal sport… make sure you stretch and warm up your muscles before you begin your activity (cooling down is also important to remember)!

BEFORE: Start with a dynamic warm-up of 10-15 minutes that lengthens the muscles and warms up the joints.

      • Jog in place for one minute
      • Neck rolls
      • Ankle rolls
      • Trunk twists
      • Jumping Jacks
      • Walking lunges
      • Leg swings – front to back & side to side
      • High knee run
      • Butt kickers
      • Toe & heel raises
      • Skips

AFTER: you’ve enjoyed your activity, make time for your post-excercise cooldown too. To prevent or limit post-exercise soreness complete a static stretch cool down while your muscles are warm.

Each stretch should be held for 20-30 seconds, repeated 3-4 times, to the point of mild pulling but not pain:

      • Quad pulls
      • Knee hugs
      • Calf stretches
      • Groin stretches
      • Low back extensions
      • Low back rotations

Do you need to R.I.C.E. or ROC?

What to do if you’ve overdone it…

RICE for minor muscle and joint injuries lasting less than 48 hours.

      • REST and take a break from the activities that cause discomfort.
      • ICE the affected area with a cold pack* for 10-20 minutes, 3 times per day. Be sure to cover the area with a towel or cloth prior to applying the ice or cold pack.
      • COMPRESS the injured area with an elastic wrap that is gently applied. The wrap shouldn’t cause numbness and tingling in the affected limb. If it does, it’s too tight.
      • ELEVATE the affected area above the heart if you are able to decrease swelling.

Visit the Oly Ortho ROC (Rapid Orthopaedic Care) Urgent Clinic when you have:

      • Decreased range of motion or are unable to move the joint
      • Inability to stand or walk due to pain or instability
      • Swelling, tenderness, or muscle spasm for more than 48 hours that does not respond to RICE
      • Heard an audible pop or felt a tearing sensation at the time of injury
      • An obvious deformity of a limb that does not break the skin

We’ll be here if you need us!

The ROC Urgent Clinic is located at 3901 Capital Mall Drive SW (West Olympia)


7 days a week from 10 am to 5:30 pm

(Closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day)

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