Exploring Revision Surgery—with Dr. Haines Paik

Surgery is not without risk. Although hip and knee replacements are now very common procedures, things do not always go exactly as planned. If someone is not satisfied with previous orthopaedic surgery, they are welcome to come to Olympia Orthopaedic Associates to discuss further options. In some cases, revision surgery can correct any lingering issues.

What are some of the main reasons why patients may seek out revision surgery? Sometimes, the original surgery happened many years ago and the implants are wearing out or loosening. But in some cases, surgical revision is needed due to complications. When this happens, it is important for patients to get answers. At Oly Ortho, Dr. Paik is one of our world-class Revision Specialists who is happy to serve our community.

“The key to starting the process with a revision patient starts with excellent communication,” says

Dr. Haines Paik, the newest surgeon to join the OOA family. Due to the complexity of revision surgeries, Dr. Paik takes additional time to fully understand the desired outcomes for the patients in getting them to life back in motion. Dr. Paik highlights the importance of simply listening and hearing the patient’s whole story. While another surgery is not always the answer, Dr. Paik loves to explore all possibilities for patients seeking help. “I love the complicated cases that you don’t see a lot of. They are like a puzzle that I want to solve with our patients.”

Once he has a full understanding of the patient’s history and has formulated an assessment, Dr. Paik will explain the exact mechanics of the issue, as well as demonstrating what may have gone wrong with the existing knee or hip implants. If a surgical solution is possible, Dr. Paik uses templating software to show patients his surgical plan so they can envision the whole process.

If a patient decides to move forward with surgery, Dr. Paik sees them through the process with compassion and a close eye. “If I operate on someone, I follow the patient from start to finish”. For Dr. Paik, when managing revision surgery transparency and honesty is critical to patients.

If you have questions about hip or knee revision surgery please feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paik.