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Thank you for choosing Olympia Orthopaedic Associates for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Olympia Orthopaedic Associates.

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“I think all of the preparation that is done makes hip replacement surgery go smoothly. Every staff member was pleasant and helpful. Dr. Zechmann's skills are amazing! Should we start a fan club? His explanations made me confident of the outcome, so my fears disappeared. Having a pre-surgery class was excellent. My husband was able to attend, so he was more prepared to help me. Having several people going through it at the same time was reassuring. I would (and have) recommended this team to anyone. Thank you all!”
– Cheryl K.
Treated by: Jerome Zechmann, M.D.
“I've never been treated so good and had such a good doctor. I have been telling everyone that having Dr. Manista as my doctor has done me so well, I'm glad I was his patient. I highly recommend Dr. Manista to anyone who needs back surgery.”
– Karma H.
Treated by: Andrew Manista, M.D.
“I have seen many doctors at the center. Dr. Carpenter, Dr. Manista, Dr. Halpin and lastly Dr. McKay. The TKR went very well and was so pleased with Dr. Halpin.  All these doctors are amazing and trust them with any procedure that may be require in the future.  ”
– Clara L.
Treated by: R. Trent McKay, M.D.
“Very good.  Never had to wait long. Dr. Agtarapwas always friendly and explained everything.  The personnel up front were very friendly,  knowledgeable and efficient.”
– Judi H.
“I broke my left ring finger. Dr. Byrd did an excellent job. The care was great, the casts were very good. The physical therapy was great. I am very pleased with the care I got.”
– Ralph P.
Treated by: Gregory D. Byrd, M.D.
“Dr. Taylor was very professional and had a real good bedside manner. He made me feel that I was important and that I was the reason we were there.”
– David A.